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about boho bard

Here at Boho Bard HQ we get rather excited about restyling previously owned furniture and strongly believe in the importance of reducing waste. Not only do we utilise the ‘unwanted’ we also strive to use the most ecological methods and products available for each brief. The patina of cherished furniture is a wonderful thing, however, there is an abundance of well made, drab or surface damaged furniture that with skill and a little imagination will far exceed the quality of new mass produced pieces.

A brief summary of my background in design starts with Bridal Wear where I honed my skills for pattern placement and a keen eye for detail. Responsible for both UK and overseas production, not much escaped my attention!  I started refinishing furniture in 2004 when I stopped full time work to have my family, but as demand increased it felt like the right time to identify our small business with a brand so in 2019 launched Boho Bard. I am delighted to have my 'techie' offspring in the workshop and it transpires he has some impressive practical skills, who knew?  We are all evolving in the re-use revolution and we love working with clients to create bespoke pieces taking great pleasure in seeing the finished results, which are always to a high standard.​

Introducing pattern with a statement piece of furniture can be a great alternative to adorning your walls. I enjoy collaborating with other artists and experimenting with images to produce interesting designs for use on our furniture. There is also a multitude of stunning wallpapers and murals available, allowing for such versatile finishing and effects.  I have a broad knowledge of wallpaper designs and interior trends so if you would like to discuss having a unique piece created or perhaps a similar piece recreated from my portfolio then please do get in touch.  

We have some great furniture in stock (Mr Bard says I having buying issues) or if required we can help you to source something to suit your needs. 


Look forward to hearing from you.


Donna & Fiontan

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